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Tell Me vs Show Me (John 13)

Have you ever met someone that was super smart, knew a ton of stuff, but their life was a bit sideways? Or, they couldn’t figure out something fairly basic? They know a lot, but they don’t seem to know how to act on the basis of all they know. It’s one thing to know a lot about something, it’s another to act based on that knowledge. Knowledge is knowing, wisdom is doing.

In John 13 Jesus models the behavior that he expects of his disciples.

13:1-11, Jesus models servanthood by washing the disciple’s feet. Knowing that his hour to die had come, and knowing that Judas would betray him, Jesus still washes Judas’ feet. If you knew someone was going to betray you, would you be inclined to serve them? Knowing the right thing to do and doing the right thing are different things. Don’t be satisfied with the former while ignoring the later.

13:12-20, Jesus instructs the disciples to wash one another’s feet. Before Jesus instructs them to serve one another He models servant leadership. How likely would the disciples take Jesus words seriously if He had not first demonstrated servant leadership by washing their feet? Why do we think we can just tell people something, without demonstrating it first? Husbands – are you expecting your wife to do something that you are too lazy to do yourself? Sorry, that’s a bit convicting….let’s move on😊.

13:21-30, Judas knew who Jesus was, but didn’t follow him. Knowledge alone is not enough. Knowledge puffs up. Love edifies.

13:31-35, Jesus commands “love one another…”, but he bases that command on what he has already shown and modeled for them: “…just as I have loved you” (13:34). Today, listen to the expectations you have for other people and ask if you’ve modeled what you are expecting from them.

13:36-38, Peter knew who Jesus was, but he still denied him. Jesus predicted that Peter would deny him three times! Peter knew a lot about Jesus, but knowledge about Jesus is not enough. Denying Jesus is neither serving him nor loving him. Don’t we sometimes think that if would could just walk along the beach with Jesus like the disciples did that we would not struggle in our faith? Guess again.

Knowing about Jesus is not the same as serving Him (and others) and loving Him (and others). Jesus modeled what servant leadership and love look like. We all need to model in areas that we expect others to follow.

Enjoy Walking with the Savior Today,



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