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Galatians Week 4

October 2, 2022

Galatians 2:11-21

Revised or Replaced


Fear of Man:

Q: Have you ever been like Peter, in a situation where you were fearful of being transparent, authentic, b/c of your faith?

Q: Peter feared “men from James”/Jerusalem – who do you fear?

Q: If you stand for a gospel of grace and truth, in what area of your life, or in what relationships might you feel a tension?

Confronting Others

Q: Are you willing to stand apart and be different from your culture as you stand for grace and truth?

Q: When you oppose or confront someone do you only correct them, or also rebuild and remind them of the gracious truth?

Q: When you oppose or confront someone, what message is your tone of voice, your body language sending? Grace? Or Truth? – Or both?

Q: Is your life a life of grace and truth? Which one do you naturally gravitate towards?

Q: Is your conduct in step with the truth of the gospel?

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