Open Hands


It is through the Bible that God communicates to us. Through the written Word He reveals Himself to us. Before the Bible was written God would communicate with His people through prophets who would tell the people what God had instructed them to communicate. Then God’s Holy Spirit worked through the Biblical writers so that they could write down the Word of God without any errors. Because God chose to share His message with us in this way, we can read it at any time.


Now that we have God’s Word in our hands we need to ask God’s Holy Spirit to help us understand it. As we read Scripture we need to have an understanding of what was communicated to those in the culture of that day. Secondly, we should ask God to show us the principle from what we read that should affect our lives. Meditating on and memorizing God’s Word is very helpful because not only does it become a part of us, but the Holy Spirit will give us wisdom as to what it means and how to apply it to our lives.


We do not read the Bible just to gain knowledge but to understand God better and learn what God wants us to do. As we obey God’s Word, we will learn to apply the principles to our own life and situations. The more we understand and apply God’s Word, the more important it becomes to our life.