John 20 - Emotional Roller Coaster: Sadness to Despair to Fear to Hope to Peace

Following the emotions in John 20 is like riding a roller coaster.

First off, Mary arrives at the tomb before sunrise on Sunday and is distraught to discover that the tomb is empty, and she assumes the worst – that “they” (the Jewish authorities) have stolen the body of Jesus. Then in a panic, she runs to inform Peter and John (“the other disciple”) that the body of Jesus was missing. After Peter and John see the empty tomb they were perplexed, but believed Mary’s story and went home, locked the doors in fear (20:19).

Then Jesus shows up and simply says “Peace be with you” (20:19) and the disciples rejoiced!

I love it how the peace of Jesus replaces their fear and panic. Have you experienced that?

In that moment the disciples knew that Jesus had triumphed over death. Realizing he has overcome sin, death and darkness is certainly a solid foundation for hope isn’t it? Our world is spinning, uncertain, and fearful now due to this COVID-19 pandemic – but what would Jesus say? Other than wash your hands, he’d likely say “Peace be with you.” He is the source of peace in the midst of our fear and panic. That’s what the disciples discovered and that’s what we can discover too. We can experience His peace by focusing on Him and not all the ways we could become infected with COVID-19. But, still wash your hands, ok?

Enjoy Walking with the Savior Today, Pastor John

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