Open Hands


One way to get to know God in a deeper way is by studying the Bible. Another important way that we can grow is by meeting together with other believers. Not only do we learn from each other but we are an encouragement to each other as we grow in our Christian journey. Just like new born babies need to grow in order to remain healthy, so each of us needs to grow spiritually, so that we become more like Jesus Christ.


Worshiping together is important as we grow in our dependence upon God. Spending time praising and thanking Him for all He has done brings us closer to Him. The love and grace we experience from God during those times of worship motivate us to share what we have learned with others.


As we apply God’s principles to our own lives by obeying God’s message to us, God will begin to change us from the inside out. God is the all-powerful Creator who spoke the universe into existence. Jesus, God’s Son, raised people from the dead by His spoken commands and God’s written Word has that same power to change us! This is our goal at GraceLIfe. Each time we grow in our understanding of who God is we need to make the necessary changes in our life. In this way we can live our daily lives in a way that pleases Him.