Open Hands


Prayer is simply talking to God. Because God is always everywhere and He knows everything we think, we can communicate with Him anywhere and at any time. Our relationship with Jesus which was established when we put our faith in Him for eternal life gives us access to talk to God the Father. That is why we pray “in Jesus name”.


Jesus communicated with His Father in heaven through prayer. He modeled the importance of prayer and taught His disciples to pray. The Bible, God’s communication to us, also teaches us the importance of prayer.


In prayer we talk to God and He listens! No matter what we are experiencing in our lives, we can talk to God about it, whether to find out His will for our lives, or crying out to Him for help. We can pray for ourselves and for other people. Through prayer we confess our sins to God. This is very important as sin can hinder our prayers from being answered. We also use prayer as a way to thank God and praise Him for how wonderful He is.


God wants us to pray to Him, believing that He is fully capable of answering our requests. God is in control. He may choose to answer “Yes”. He may choose to answer “Wait” and He may choose to answer “No”, because He knows what is really best for us. Many times we are happy at a later time that God did not say “yes” to some of our foolish requests. When our request is in line with God’s will for us, then we can be sure that He will answer affirmatively.