Open Hands



With all that God has done for us through Jesus Christ, we want to respond to His grace in how we live our lives – to become more like Him in our thoughts and actions.  We want to learn how He wants us to live and respond by doing what He tells us to do.  We all grow by developing our relationship with Jesus through studying the Bible -- God’s Word – together, and by helping each other in a real community. 


As we grow spiritually, we will start to see positive changes happening in our lives. He changes us and our relationships with others!


As we grow, God also gives us direction and purpose.  God has a purpose for your life and He also has a purpose for your family. At GraceLife we want to encourage you to become more aware of His plan for your life.


We would love for you to be a part of our community as you grow and find God’s purpose for your life.