Open Hands



A church should be a place of grace, not condemnation. Come experience the joy of growing closer to God in a community that believes in second chances and growing together. At GraceLife we are regular people who mess up at times and have learned to accept grace from others. We extend that grace to you as well. 


Jesus does not condemn us for messing up – instead He paid for our failures and offers us forgiveness. He also offers us a new start. God promises that each one of us who believes in Jesus Christ is forgiven forever and will spend eternity with Him in Heaven. Jesus not only forgives us but He also promises to be there every single day as we slowly become what He wants us to be.


Growing in Christ is a journey. There are many bumps along the road as we strive to grow closer to God. When we hit those deep pot holes not only is God there to lift you up, but so are we! We will stand by you as well.


At GraceLife we know that God loves you no matter what! He offers you salvation as a free gift, and you can’t lose it by messing up. We believe that God will continue to forgive you no matter what! His Grace is all about forgiveness and second chances. We would love to include your family on our journey as a church community and extend God’s grace to you as well!